Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

BI help turn piles of data into meaningful insights that help you run your business. Because the potential business benefits of a good business intelligence tool are so great, it’s not surprising that plenty of big-name vendors, including Microsoft provide excellent proprietary business intelligence software, at affordable price.

Certigoa Enterprises offers its business analytics suite, which includes business analytics as well as data integration, a report designer and a marketplace of plugins developed by the community to extend the capabilities of the Business platform.

We promotes this as an entry-level tool that can be used for testing and evaluation before upgrading to the full commercial product, which includes visual analysis, predictive modeling, dashboards and a mobile element.

We have created data visualizations and reports that can be embedded into rich client and Web applications, especially those based on ASP.NET & VB.NET. Our BI Solutions works with a range of data formats including CSV, Excel & SQL. It can be extended with additional plugins created by MSDN developers Community & available in an extensions marketplace.

The Starter Edition of our BI App, is free & allows access to Excel and CSV data. Personal, Professional and Enterprise Editions are also available from $999.

Reports Market

In Large Industries, For each information Module we cover, we spend at least two months doing research, carrying out as many as 10 interviews and taking contributions directly from the industry. Our reports are assessed and reviewed by experts to make sure they are up-to-the-minute and reflect industry needs.

ROI from BI Embedded Solutions from Certigoa Enterprises

BI Enabled Management System are able to reduce the number of entries required for Order generation, in Multiple Forms at Multiple Locations, saving thousands of work hours each year.

Software Used by Certigoa for BI, reporting, analytics and dashboard

Business Intelligence tools provide companies reliable information and true insights in order to improve decision making & social collaboration. The BI tools provide the means for efficient reporting, thorough analysis of (big) data, statistics & analytics and dashboards displaying KPIs.

Bring your company data to life with BI tools

Bring your company data to life by combining, analyzing and visualizing all that data very easily. The tools will help you to see and understand the success factors of your business more quickly. And where things (might) go wrong and where you need to make adjustments.


Reporting Statistics

Learn how Mobile and Social Media are changing the face of travel and how you can implement a suitable strategy for your organization.


Benefits of BI Embedded Modules

Reports & Dashboards

We create all types of reports and dashboards for our customers with the latest reporting software.

Business Intelligence

With a team of BI/DW architects, we provide our customers the best BI/DW services in the market.

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This Helps us to understand both the functional and technical benefits of best-practice Performance Management, as well as the cost saving benefits.